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If you’re charged with drug possession in the state of Arizona, it’s important to hire a skilled and experienced Phoenix drug possession attorney as soon as possible. The Shah Law Firm is dedicated to aggressively defending those charged with criminal drug possession in Arizona, while offering a personalized service to each client.

Arja Shah has been honored three years straight as a Top 100 Attorney by Phoenix Magazine. Facing criminal drug charges for possession? You know who to call. (602) 888-0369 

The High Cost of a Drug Conviction in Arizona

Your situation can feel desperate when you are going up against the full force of the criminal justice system. Prosecutors will immediately work to build a case that will lead to your conviction. The penalties can be extremely severe and drastically change your life for the worse.

In Fact, a felony conviction can lead to 2-10 years in prison, depending on the severity of the charge. Then there’s parole, probation, heavy fines and a conviction on your criminal record that could make it nearly impossible to secure a good job.

That’s why it is absolutely crucial to hire a Phoenix drug lawyer right away who has the experience, skills and reputation needed to fight for dismissal, acquittal at trial or reduced charges. Arja Shah is the attorney you need.

What to Do When You’ve Been Charged with Drug Possession in Phoenix

Hire a skilled criminal defense attorney as soon as possible and do not speak with prosecutors or investigators without your attorney present. Anything you say to law enforcement investigators could be used as evidence against you. Without a lawyer present, the state will attempt to get you to agree to a plea deal that will likely not be in your best interest.

Hire a lawyer who focuses exclusively on criminal defense. Too many attorneys spread themselves thin by focusing on multiple areas of law. Choose the Shah Law Firm to ensure you have the best drug possession attorney Phoenix has to offer, a lawyer who spends all her time representing those charged with drug possession and other drug/alcohol related crimes.

Only speak with your lawyer about details of your case. Don’t speak about your case with anyone but your attorney. Even your friends and family members could be issued a subpoena and forced to testify against you. Plus, phone calls from jail and prison could be recorded and used as evidence against you.

Possible defenses for your drug possession case

When you have a highly-skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney like Arja Shah representing you, you can be sure that she will be able to come up with a defense that will apply to your drug possession case should you decide to enter a not guilty plea. Some of those defenses include:

“Not my drugs”

Denying that the drugs found in your home or car is one of the most common and oldest defenses to a drug possession charge. In the hands of a very capable attorney, this defense should put the pressure on the prosecutor to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the drugs really belonged to the defendant and not to anyone else inside the house or car.

Claim unlawful search and seizure

Many drug possession cases involve search and seizure issues that have caused the dismissal of many a criminal charge. If, say, you were stopped by police on the road and they saw illicit drugs sitting in plain sight on the dashboard, then those drugs may be seized and used as evidence against you. However, if police use a crowbar to pry the trunk of your car open without your permission, any evidence of an illegal substance discovered there would be inadmissible in court, simply because lawful search and seizure procedures prior to an arrest were not followed. Your lawyer will hammer the fact that your rights as guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution have been violated, and the charge could be rightfully dismissed.

Police planted the drugs

Admittedly, establishing that the arresting officer planted the drugs that led to your arrest may prove to be difficult, but your criminal defense attorney can file a motion to obtain a copy of the complaint file of the said officer. Your lawyer will then be able to interview the people who filed the complaints and attempt to establish that the said police officer has a penchant for planting evidence on unsuspecting victims, among other things.

Get the drugs analyzed in a laboratory

There are countless substances that, at first glance, look like illegal or controlled substances, but are not. A capable lawyer would request for chemical lab tests that would determine whether that, for example, the cocaine or heroin found in your possession is really cocaine or heroin.

You were forced to carry drugs

It is quite possible that someone forced or coerced you into carrying or holding drugs for whatever reason. Your drug possession lawyer can use this as a defense in your case, especially when there was threat of violence if you refused.

The drugs are missing

Prosecutors need to produce the actual drugs that were supposedly caught in your possession, and that is something your lawyer can pressure them into doing. Considering that seized drugs change hands several times before they make it to the evidence locker, it is likely that they will already be lacking in amount or worse, for the prosecution, lost. Countless drug possession charges have been dismissed because the drugs involved went missing.

Dedicated to Protecting and Preserving Your Constitutional Rights

The United States Constitution affords all citizens the right to a vigorous defense when charged with a crime. At the Shah Law Firm we understand that you are entrusting us with your freedom, future and financial stability. Arja Shah will work tirelessly to provide the aggressive and effective defense you deserve.

She looks at every case from every angle to determine the best course of action. Arja Shah knows the ins-and-outs of the criminal justice system in Arizona because she focuses her entire career on representing Phoenix-area residents facing criminal charges.

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Time is absolutely critical when you are facing drug possession charges. Call Arja Shah today so she can begin gathering evidence and building an effective defense. Every moment you wait is another moment prosecutors are working to gather evidence against you. Give yourself the best possible chance of preserving your freedom. Call 602-560-7408 today to schedule your consultation.

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