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In today’s digital world, the ways to commit identity theft are only limited by the creativity of those who know how to hack computers and steal private information from others. But sometimes, it can be hard to tell who is guilty and who is innocent. If you’ve been charged with identity theft, you need to consult with an identity theft charges defense attorney in Phoenix, Arizona. The Shah Law Firm PLLC of Phoenix, Arizona has over twelve years of experience working with criminal law, as well as theft and fraud cases, and will give your identity theft case the consideration it deserves.

What Is Identity Theft?

Identity theft is the stealing of someone else’s private information usually for the purpose of opening fake accounts, making money, or forging a driver’s license or passport. Identity theft is sometimes done through email “phishing” attempts, in which the perpetrator gets someone to give out their personal information under false pretenses, like giving a credit card number to buy a piece of merchandise that will never be delivered. Identity thieves have stolen social security numbers, bank account numbers, and other personal information this way, causing victims enormous amounts of financial distress and grief. At the Shah Law Firm PLLC in Phoenix, Arizona, we understand the seriousness of an identity theft charge, and will use our expertise to defend you.

Identity Theft Laws

Identity theft is a crime characterized by the use of another person’s identity and information for unlawful purposes or to gain employment, a passport, or other benefits. Businesses are not allowed to retain customer information, like credit card numbers, unless the information is used to verify identity or age. It is also illegal for businesses or retailers to give this type of information to third parties. If a business becomes aware that there’s been a security breach, it must inform its customers and an investigation must be conducted.

Identity Theft Charges

Identity theft charges apply both to stealing an identity and to using, recording or purchasing this private information. In the state of Arizona, identity theft is considered a Class 4 Felony, carrying penalties of both prison time and fines. Prison time involves a minimum of one year, with a maximum of three years and eight months. Fines can involve thousands of dollars.  Upon conviction, the money that was stolen must also often be paid back by the person guilty of the crime.

Call to Schedule a Professional Legal Consultation with an Identity Theft Charges Defense Attorney in Phoenix, Arizona Today

A charge of identity theft can ruin a person’s reputation. If you’ve been charged with identity theft, call to schedule a professional legal consultation with an identity theft charges defense attorney in Phoenix, Arizona today. The Shah Law Firm of Phoenix, Arizona is up-to-date on the latest identity theft schemes and has the expertise to defend your case, ensuring the best possible outcome. Call (602) 888-0369 and let us be the advocate you deserve. We serve Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Goodyear, and Apache Junction.

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