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Arizona is considered a zero tolerance state when it comes to driving under the influence. As a result, the state has several levels of DUI charges ranging from a misdemeanor all the way up to felony DUI.

While Super Extreme DUI is still considered a misdemeanor under Arizona law,  Super Extreme DUI Arizona penalties are severe and include a minimum jail term of 45 days.

What is Considered a Super Extreme DUI?

The state of Arizona determines the severity of DUI charges based on someone’s blood alcohol content. The legal limit is a BAC of 0.08. A BAC of 0.150 will result in an extreme DUI charge and a BAC of 0.200 is considered Super Extreme DUI.

Why is there a Super Extreme DUI category?

Arizona has long had a reputation as a state with some of the strictest DUI laws in the country, and the Super Extreme DUI category emphasized how tough they really are. The Grand Canyon State also happens to be one of the few states that implemented this DUI category, which does not even appear in law books. So why did Arizona create the Super Extreme DUI category in the first place?

In 2006, Arizona was plagued by a really bad drunk driving problem, ranking sixth nationwide in the number of alcohol-related deaths. Apart from the alarming number of fatalities, it was also found out that most deadly drunk driving accidents happen when the BAC of drivers reach 0.15% or above. When the BAC level is that high, a driver is most certainly impaired and will find the most basic aspects of driving such as staying in the proper lane extremely difficult.

To discourage people from driving with that much alcohol in their system, the State of Arizona created the Super Extreme DUI category, and it has been in place since.

What Are the Consequences of Super Extreme DUI?

Extended Jail Time:

For a basic DUI conviction, the minimum jail term is one day. However, anyone convicted of Super Extreme DUI in Arizona will spend a minimum of 45 days in jail. Some of that sentence may be suspended if you agree to undergo an evaluation and substance abuse treatment.

License Suspension:

A conviction comes with a 90 day license suspension. Even after your license is reinstated, you’ll have to have an ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle

Ignition Interlock Device:

While any DUI conviction will result in an ignition interlock device being installed, those convicted of Super Extreme DUI are forced to use the device for a longer period of time. The term increases from one year to 18 months.

Social Stigma:

It’s hard to keep a Super Extreme DUI conviction secret. In fact, it’s likely your mug shot will end up on the Maricopa County website. Those photos are frequently picked up by local newspapers and news websites for publication. Because you mugshot is part of the public record, there’s nothing stopping someone from spreading it all over the internet. A conviction can be devastating to your reputation and good standing in the community.

Criminal Record:

A Super Extreme DUI conviction will also show up on your criminal record. This can make it extremely hard to obtain a new job, or advance in your current career. It also means charges could become more severe if you are ever accused of a crime in the future.

How Do You Preserve Your Rights, Freedom and Reputation?

What if you suddenly get arrested for Super Extreme DUI? While it’s a pretty serious offense, you will stand a fighting chance of beating the charge if you had an experienced Phoenix super extreme DUI lawyer like Arja Shah representing you in court.

Arja Shah understands that being charged with Super Extreme DUI can feel hopeless and overwhelming. With a highly skilled and experienced attorney at your side, it doesn’t have to be.

The Shah Law Firm focuses solely on representing people who have been charged with a crime in Arizona. Arja Shah is passionate about the law and fighting on behalf of clients who value their rights. She believes anyone charged with a crime should have access to a capable and accomplished attorney.

Why Choose the Shah Law Firm?

Arja Shah has successfully represented hundreds of people just like you who’ve been charged with a crime. She has an outstanding track record when it comes to defending everything from misdemeanor DUI to serious felony charges. You deserve an attorney who believes in fighting for your rights inside the courtroom and out.

  • Experience with and Knowledge of Specific Judges and Prosecutors is Important
  • Affordable Rates without Sacrificing Quality Defense is Key
  • It’s Not Just Knowing the Law, It’s Also Knowing People and Compassion

Let the Shah Law Firm Fight for You

You don’t have to face DUI charges on your own. Contact the Shah Law Firm today to schedule a consultation. If you are serious about your freedom and protecting your rights, you need to hire a great Arizona Super Extreme DUI lawyer.

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