Phoenix DUI Attorney Reviews

Phoenix DUI Attorney Reviews

Phoenix is the state capital of Arizona. Founded in 1881, Phoenix is the most populated state capital in the United States. Over the last 20 years Phoenix has exploded. Tech giants to financial organizations, Phoenix is home to numerous companies and industries. This is one reason why Phoenix Law Enforcement has cracked down on alcohol related arrests. A Phoenix DUI Attorney will likely be of great help to you if you have been accused of driving while intoxicated.

Phoenix DUI Attorney Reviews

According to Arizona Government websites, Phoenix and the State of Arizona record over 20,000 DUI arrests each year. A Phoenix DUI Attorney can help protect your rights and the status of your drivers license.

Phoenix has some of the nations strictest DUI related penalties. A first time DUI can appear to be straight forward to most, however, numerous factors can drastically change the result. Furthermore, there are more serious types of DUI charge that require a specialist that requires years of training that Arja has received. Maricopa County has a lot of criminal defense law firms to choose from. Locating affordable and effective representation for your case is something you need to address right away after being charged. Attorney Arja Shah has five-star Phoenix DUI Attorney Reviews on AVVO, Super Lawyers, and Google Reviews.

There are instances where a DUI charge may present more extreme consequences. When you face these types of charges, you need to make sure you hire the right attorney the first time. Arja Shah has handled thousands of criminal cases where specialized training and experience have made the difference between dismissal and prison time. See below for when to ask if your DUI is more serious than a standard arrest.

Best Phoenix DUI Attorney

The Shah Law Firm fields multiple inquiries a month asking if they are the “best” Phoenix DUI Attorney. If you are searching online for the best criminal defense you need to understand that no attorney is the “best” lawyer. What matters most is hiring the “best” lawyer for you, and your unique case. A criminal charge, just the accusation alone, can ruin lives, which is why Arja handles each case directly. Click here to view Arja’s profile. Arja is available seven days a week for a confidential consultation.

Affordable Phoenix DUI Attorney

Phoenix is a booming city. The growth and expansion of housing and development over the last 20 years is astonishing. Accompanied with the increase in businesses, bars, and restaurants, Phoenix has also had to enforce new DUI laws. Local law enforcement has cracked down on DUI’s. Increases in monetary fines as well as mandatory jail sentences have helped reduce DUI related deaths. If you need an Affordable Scottsdale DUI Attorney, call today. Arizona doesn’t take DUI charges lightly, nor should you.

How much does a DUI in Phoenix Cost?

Attorney Arja Shah wants each client to feel comfortable and at ease when calling. If you have been arrested for a DUI you can opt to defend yourself, utilize a public defender, or you can retain private counsel. Arja Shah focuses solely on Criminal Defense and understands what the true cost of a successful defense should be and does not charge for services not needed. Each person is unique, and each case is different, and should be treated as so. Thus, if you are wondering how much your DUI defense will cost, call today for a consultation and quote.