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DUI Charges Defense at Shah Law Firm

DUI Charges Defense at Shah Law Firm

Arja defends people accused of serious criminal offenses in Maricopa County. Mrs. Shah solely practices Criminal and DUI Defense. Having worked as a Criminal Defense Lawyer for one of the largest law firms in Phoenix, Arja has defended hundreds of individuals facing serious criminal charges and has successfully represented over 1,000 individuals charged with some form of driving under the influence charge from misdemeanors to felony manslaughter charges.

Mounting a victorious DUI Defense involves thoroughly understanding Arizona’s complicated DUI laws and also understanding the science involved.

Many lawyers will say that they can help you–that they will “aggressively” “fight” for your rights, but in reality they are ill prepared for Criminal Defense litigation. Arja is not one of these attorneys. In fact, a large contingent of Arja’s practice consists of taking over cases for frustrated clients who have paid thousands of dollars for little or even no real representation.

Of course, every case is different. While Arja cannot guarantee an outcome, she can guarantee a reasonable fee and expertise from years of service.

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