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Assault and Battery Charges Defense Attorney in Phoenix, Arizona

In Arizona, it is possible to be charged with assault even if you never touched someone. This is because assault is defined as an attempt or a threat to injure another person, even if it is not carried out. Assault and battery means that there was both an assault and offensive contact with another person. A charge of assault or of assault and battery is serious and can jeopardize a person’s professional and personal reputation. If you’ve been charged with assault and battery, you need to hire an assault and battery  defense expert. With over twelve years of experience, Arja Shah will investigate your case to build the best possible defense.

Classes of Assault

Assaults are classified according to severity. Class 1 to Class 3 are misdemeanors while aggravated assault is a felony. The higher the class number, the less serious the offense. Class 1 is the most serious of the misdemeanors and is characterized by knowingly or recklessly causing injury to another person. In Class 2 assault, the victim feared imminent injury by the defendant. In Class 3 assault, the defendant touched another person to provoke them. In many cases, however, some misunderstanding is involved. The Shah Law Firm PLLC of Phoenix, Arizona can evaluate your case to determine how to best defend your rights.

Aggravated Assault

A person charged with aggravated assault caused a serious injury or disfigurement to the victim using a deadly weapon, or assaulted a public servant, like a police officer or EMT. Assault can also be considered aggravated if it is inflicted upon a child under the age of 15.  Aggravated assault is the most serious type of assault charge. It is usually charged as a felony and, if it is considered a dangerous offense, there is prison time involved. The Shah Law Firm PLLC of Phoenix, Arizona understands how an aggravated assault charge can negatively affect your life. As such, we are dedicated to being the advocates you need during this challenging time.

Penalties for Assault

For misdemeanor assault, jail time ranges from about 30 days to six months, with fines up to $2,500.00. Those found guilty may also have to reimburse the local county for incarceration costs, may be under probation as well as be assigned community service to serve after the jail sentence. Penalties are much more severe for aggravated assault and involve up to 25 years in prison. It is crucial to hire an experienced assault and battery charges attorney to get the sentencing down to its minimum. The Shah Law Firm PLLC of Phoenix, Arizona is experienced in assault and battery charge defense and has comprehensive knowledge of the related Arizona laws.

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