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The conviction of a misdemeanor or felony in Arizona can result in some serious consequences. Potential consequences looming in the background include costly fines, a stint in prison, loss of current and future employment, tarnished reputation, and a permanent criminal record. If you’re found guilty of a crime, it will likely have an adverse impact on your life. It’s critical to seek legal help from an experienced criminal defense attorney for the best outcome when you’re charged with crimes like:

Crimes in Arizona

In the state of Arizona, misdemeanors are punishable with up to six months in the county jail. Felonies are punishable with 1+ years in state prison, depending on the felony category. A first-degree category one felony can result in life imprisonment or the death penalty. For felony crimes other than category one, aggravating factors may increase the sentence length. Aggravating factors include a crime against an elderly individual or a crime that is especially cruel. Category four felonies can result in more than two years in jail, and an aggravated class four felony can bring more than three years in prison. For example, a conviction of a theft felony worth more than $3,000 is a class four felony. And while a class six felony is the least serious under Arizona law, you could still be looking at one year in jail. An Arizona judge may also order a fine of up to $150,000 for any felony conviction.

How A Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help?

A criminal defense attorney can assist in a variety of ways, including achieving a dismissal of charges, reduced charges, parole instead of jail, reduced sentencing, and appeal. The goal of a criminal defense attorney is to poke holes in the prosecution’s case to create reasonable doubt for a not-guilty verdict. Criminal defense attorneys mount a strong criminal defense strategy by speaking with law enforcement, getting witness statements, locating hidden witnesses, evaluating evidence, such as DNA and ballistic reports, and using expert witnesses. If the evidence against you is strong, a plea bargain may be recommended. Your criminal defense attorney will aggressively negotiate for the best deal with the prosecutor.

A criminal defense attorney is also there to ensure that you are treated fairly throughout the entire criminal justice process and will fight for your rights. Being charged with a criminal offense is a stressful experience. With a criminal defense attorney on your side, you’ll be kept abreast of case developments and know what to expect. It helps the process run smoother and eliminates the guesswork of what’s next.

From arraignment and pre-trial to trial and appeal, you’ve got a legal professional in your corner.

Charged with a crime? Seek advice from an experienced criminal defense lawyer contact Shah Law today.

Even if you’re just a suspect in a crime, get counsel from a criminal defense attorney. Likely, law enforcement will want to call you in for an interview. You may unknowingly say something that is incriminating. Don’t say anything unless your attorney is present, even if the police promise to help you. A criminal defense attorney is on your side; law enforcement is not.

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“I was totally impressed and grateful for the expertise and successful case Arja handled for me. She answered my calls immediately and saved me a lot of professional and personal heartache. Arja did a great job refuting the State’s evidence and convinced the Prosecutor that my chewing tobacco was a major issue in the case that the officer did not check.”

Arja Shah Law Firm Reviews
Thomas - Super Extreme DUI
Argued Police Stop Protocols and Reduced to a Fine

“Arja represented me for a DUI case in Scottsdale. I met with her immediately after being charged and she very quickly was able to speak to the prosecutor and get my charges reduced after my initial hearings. She was attentive and easy to talk to. She gets results.”

Arja Shah Law Firm Reviews
Jason - Scottsdale DUI
Felony Charges Reduced to Reckless Driving

“Arja was extremely knowledgeable and kept us up to date on the entire case. I would hire her and recommend her to anyone- although I hope I never need her help again! But if a problem arises I would be sure to call her!!”

Arja Shah Law Firm Reviews
Maggie - Mesa Super Extreme DUI
Super Extreme DUI Reduced to First Time Regular DUI

“Ms. Shah got my charges completely dismissed. She worked hard, was thorough, and took care of all the details. Seriously, hire her. It’s a complete piece of mind.”

Arja Shah Law Firm Reviews
R. Aguilera - Attempted Murder
Attempted Murder Charges DISMISSED

“During my recent DUI case and time spent working with Arja Shah, I can say I had an absolute positive Experience. She was there to represent me and handle my questions and concerns with ease. Thank you.”

Arja Shah Law Firm Reviews
Michael - Phoenix DUI Arrest
Felony DUI Charge Reduced to a Fine

“I endorse this lawyer. She is knowledgeable as well as up-to-date on the latest case law. She is one of the very few attorneys I would recommend to family or friends.”

Arja Shah Law Firm Reviews
Michael Pittman (Attorney Peer)

“First, Arja is a superb and energetic attorney who is always willing to listen and help out in client cases. Second, she works hard for your case to minimize or eliminate penalties for the charges you are facing. She has a good analytical mind and presents your case successfully. Third, she is approachable even outside work hours if the situation calls for it. Always punctual for meetings. Lastly, she is an affordable attorney in comparison to some big-name law firms where personalized and flexible service is almost impossible. The above review is based on my experience derived from her working on my case.”

Arja Shah Law Firm Reviews
T. McCarty- Extreme DUI Charge Possible 30 Days Jail
Reduced to Reckless Driving and a Fine

“Attorney Arja Shah took the time to compile letters from family members and show the Prosecutor that they lacked evidence to move forward with my case. Arja did what she said she would do and was there to help me. Outstanding Attorney.”

Arja Shah Law Firm Reviews
Andrea- Disorderly Conduct and Domestic Violence
Charged Dismissed

Considering the amount of charges I was facing I ended up with the minimum charges I could have received. If it wasn’t for Ms/Mrs. Shah, I would have had to given up everything. I will forever recommend to anybody in need…

Arja Shah Law Firm Reviews
Tyler Goodwill - DUI
Charges Reduced to Minimum
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