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When you are facing DUI charges in Arizona, it’s crucial to obtain the guidance of an experienced attorney. While driving under the influence is often charged as a misdemeanor offense, the penalties can be severe.

Authorities use a metric known as blood alcohol content to determine a driver’s suspected level of impairment. Anyone driving with a BAC of 0.08 or above can be arrested and charged with DUI. However, because Arizona is considered a zero tolerance state, someone can be arrested even if they are below the 0.08 limit.

What Are the Consequences of a First-Time DUI?

Even a first-time DUI is nothing to take lightly. The penalties can put a real hardship on your personal and professional life.

Mandatory Jail Time: Sentencing can range from one day to six months in jail. The minimum sentence is 10 days in jail, of which nine may be suspended with successful completion of alcohol classes.

Financial Penalties: A minimum of $250 fine, $210 surcharge, $500 prison fund, $500 public safety equipment fund, $20 time pay fee, $20 probation fee and $13 law enforcement assessment. Adding up to $1,513 in total fees, fines and payments.

License Suspension: Conviction will include a minimum 90 day license suspension with a maximum of one year.

Other consequences include: Possible probation up to five years, alcohol/drug screening and classes, possible community service, jail incarceration fines, possible monthly probation fees, possible SR22 insurance and one year Ignition Interlock.

Defending Yourself Against DUI Charges

A conviction on DUI charges is not a forgone conclusion. If you’ve been arrested and charged with driving under the influence, your top priority should be consulting with an experienced attorney who focuses exclusively on criminal defense representation.

Arja Shah is a highly rated defense attorney serving the greater Phoenix area. She has an outstanding reputation for achieving results on behalf of her clients. Arja has helped hundreds of clients navigate the complexities of the criminal justice system and obtain a favorable outcome.

It starts with a free consultation where Arja will conduct a thorough review of your case and weigh all the details. She’ll also look for any legal issues or loopholes that could impact the outcome of your case.

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Experienced Representation: There’s a lot on the line when you are facing DUI charges. That’s why it’s important to hire an attorney with a proven track record of helping clients like you achieve successful outcomes. Arja Shah has that experience.

Accessibility: You deserve to know that your attorney will be there for you when you need her. Arja Shah provides the personalized service that clients depend on when they are defending themselves against DUI charges.

Affordable Rates and Payment Plans: Arja Shah prides herself on providing exceptional service at a great price. Need to work out a payment plan? The Shah Law Firm can help.

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