How a Mesa Drug Crimes Attorney Can Successfully Represent You

A drug-related crime charge can have damaging implications. Professions who have a license are in danger of losing it, and anyone who runs a business faces a ruined reputation. Having the stigma of a drug crime on your record in and around Mesa can also jeopardize your chances at finding a job in the future. At the Shah Law Firm PLLC of Mesa, we understand the seriousness of a drug crime charge. As such, we use our expertise and resources to create an effective defense for our clients’ drug crime charges.

Arizona Drug Crime Charges

Many actions can be classified as drug crimes in Arizona. Manufacturing, possessing, selling, and distributing illicit substances as well as prescription fraud are all examples of drug crimes in Mesa. At Shah Law Firm PLLC, we have 12 years of experience fighting drug crimes for our Arizona clients, getting them the minimum possible sentencing so they can continue with their life sooner rather than later.

Examples of Drug Crime Defenses

One of the most common defenses for drug crime charges is to prove an illegal search and seizure. Additionally, in many instances, it can be argued that the drugs weren’t yours or were planted by the cops. It’s also possible that you were charged with a drug crime but were forced by someone threatening to harm you to carry the drugs.

At The Shah Law Firm PLLC of Mesa, our years of experience defending those charged with drug-related crimes makes us the leading choice for a drug crimes defense team in Mesa and its surrounding communities.

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