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Find the Best Domestic Violence Lawyer in Phoenix, AZ

Criminal domestic violence charges can have lasting consequences on your life. If you’re facing domestic violence charges or have a restraining order against you, the Shah Law Firm can help. As the best domestic violence lawyer in Phoenix, we have years of experience successfully representing folks just like you, and the track record of getting charges dismissed to prove it.

If you are accused of violent or aggressive behavior within the home you live in, or even outside the home in either public and private places, you may be charged with what is widely known as domestic violence.

Those who may have accused you of violent or aggressive behavior are most often spouses, domestic partners, or same-sex partners, but accusations and subsequent charges can also come from roommates, parents, adult children, grandparents, housemates, cousins, aunts and uncles, or anyone else with whom you share a common living space.

And, it doesn’t matter if you know the legal definition — domestic violence charges can include accusations of any kind of hitting, kicking, or physical acts of violence — but, they can also include charges of raising your voice, name-calling, or implications of mentally or emotionally harming someone with nothing more than words.

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Avoid DUI’s, Domestic Violence and Other Crimes this Halloween

Halloween is not just for kids, especially in 2018. People, dressed up or not, look forward all year to dressing up and going out. Festive Halloween themed drinks and parties are looked forward to all year. 

While there is nothing wrong with having a few drinks in the spirit of Halloween, there will likely be an issue with drinking too much and what it can lead to. Every year, criminal damage, domestic violence, criminal assaults and other crimes that can be associated with over drinking spike. While this can arguably be good for Criminal Defense lawyers, it’s never good for clients and their families.  

If you plan to drink, you will require some way to get home.  Simply using Uber of Lyft if your city offers their services is responsible and practical. For those who neglect the dangers of drinking and driving the consequences can be severe. You can lose your license, spend time in jail and possible lose your job. All of this can be avoided.

Secondly, if not planning on driving, there is another danger far scarier than any haunted house you will find… other people who have had too much to drink. Who hasn’t had the pleasure of interacting with someone who has far exceeded their alcohol intake? Tempers can flare, words can be misinterpret, events can escalate in chaos. Almost like clockwork, criminal damage and disorderly conduct charges spike around 10/31. Penalties and restitution can easily exceed $3000 and typical lawyers charge over $3000 on top of this to handle the case…

By this point in the blog, you may be thinking that we recommend you stay home and barricade the doors. Which is absolutely not the case. Life is meant to be lived. Celebrations and parties are one of life’s great pleasures and should be enjoyed (pumpkin flavored beer is delicious!). The reminder is, plan ahead and make responsible arrangements to avoid a lasting party favor or court fees and other ramifications. Life calls for celebration, but it also has a way of throwing the unexpected into the picture. The lesson is simple. If you’re going to drink, don’t drive. Make sure that your group has a driver who hasn’t been drinking or utilize the services offered in your area. Your last drink could cost you more than the bar tab you’ve rang up.

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