Beat a DUI Arrest

Okay, if you google searched “beat a DUI arrest” chances are high that you need an attorney. If your DUI was straight forward and you have no prior convictions a Scottsdale DUI Attorney can easily help you. Say you got pulled over during one of Scottsdale’s routine holiday DUI check points, and you blew over the limit, you got detained. The next morning you were released on your own recognizance and you just need help navigating the legal waters. If this is the case, give Arja Shah a call and she can offer you an affordable solution. “However, what happens if it is not so “simple” of a case? Keep reading for more information.

How to Beat a DUI Arrest

In our opinion there are two types of DUI clients. Those who are guilty and those who are innocent. If you happen to be guilty we need to work on minimizing your legal exposure. Things like keeping you on the road, your licenses in good standing so you can work, and even defending a professional license like a commercial driver’s license are all things we help manage for you.

If you are innocent, we have an uphill battle. It sounds backwards right? If you are guilty it should be harder to defend then if you are innocent. Some time(s) it is true, especially if you have priors or if there are circumstances such as an injury or a weapon involved. An extreme DUI case is definitely hard as well to defend. BUT let’s go back to why an innocent case is so hard to fight in court. How to beat a DUI arrest is searched all the time online. Very few lawyers know how to do it.

Beat a DUI Arrest Attorney

When you are truly innocent for a DUI arrest we need to challenge the motive an or system that lead to your charge and detainment. First, a Scottsdale DUI Lawyer needs to request your arrest records. By identifying why you were pulled over, how your sobriety field test went, and the results of the breathe test are all vital to building your defense. To prove your innocence your lawyer NEEDS to show that the arrest itself and tests were wrong.

To beat a DUI arrest we need to figure out what went wrong. Was the breath test machine faulty? Were you pulled over incorrectly? There are a plethora of things that can lead to a wrongful accusation. BUT we need to move QUICKLY to defend your rights and to protect your driving status.

Can you challenge a DUI in Scottsdale, AZ?

The answers is YES. The truth, it is not that simple. Tucson News and other reporting agencies show stories every now and then of DUI attorneys beating the odds and challenging a DUI arrest. While is can be done, it does require a lot of work. Most of all, in our opinion, it requires knowledge of the law.

Arja Shah has been practicing criminal defense in the state of Arizona for over a decade. She has defended hundreds of individuals, from DUI to life changing high profile felonies. Attorney Shah ONLY practices criminal defense. She dedicates her time and career towards defending the rights of those accused. She puts the needs of her clients first.

Are DUI Breath Tests Wrong?

DUI arrests are meant to keep our roads and highways safe. Most of us enjoy a good time. A lot of us who enjoy going out like to have a drink or two. DUI checkpoints are not meant to “ruin” our free time activities. They are deterrents so that we can cut down on DUI related accidents that lead to death.

In order to determine if someone is over the legal limit a field sobriety test is performed. Over this 2018 Halloween weekend DUI checkpoints were out in full force. AZ Central News reported dozens of events throughout Scottsdale and Phoenix. These events were accompanied by police and DUI breath tests. The breath test is utilized to help confirm that you are over the limit. However, the tests can by faulty. DUI Breath Tests can be wrong.

Hire an Attorney to Beat DUI Arrest

When searching for a Scottsdale DUI Attorney you have a lot of options. Some people look for the “best” DUI lawyer. Unfortunately, that doesn’t exist. What makes someone the best attorney is if they are the “best attorney FOR YOU and YOUR CASE”. How do you figure this out? Easy, do your homework and ask questions.

Arja Shah has been fighting criminal defense cases in Scottsdale for over a decade. She is an awarded and decorated Scottsdale Criminal Defense Lawyer. She has dozens of glowing reviews online from REAL clients. She prides herself in providing the most effective defense possible while keeping her prices affordable. See below for some of her attorney highlights. Call today for a free confidential consultation.