Four Types of Court Hearings You Attend After a Scottsdale DUI Arrest

The legal proceedings you face after receiving DUI charges in Scottsdale can be intimidating. Knowing what to expect can help ease your mind as you navigate an unfamiliar legal system. Since every case is unique, speaking with an experienced Scottsdale DUI lawyer is the best way to ensure your rights are protected when facing Arizona DUI charges.
Here are a few types of hearings you may be required to attend while fighting Arizona DUI charges:


The arraignment is the first type of hearing you attend following a DUI arrest. It consists of an appearance before a judge in court. He or she reads the formal charges against you and sets bail, if applicable.
You also submit your plea as guilty, not guilty, or no contest. A plea of not guilty means that you still have the right to a trial. This answer is advisable for most cases, no matter what the circumstances are. It allows your lawyer to argue the charges against you later on.
If you hired a licensed Arizona DUI attorney, you typically do not have to face the courtroom since he or she can attend on your behalf.

Preliminary Hearing

The preliminary pretrial hearing is the next type of hearing you attend. It is a hearing that allows the judge to determine if probable cause existed to support the DUI charges against you. Bail can also be adjusted, rescinded, or offered during this hearing.

Pretrial Conference

The pretrial conference an opportunity for your lawyer to manage certain aspects of your case. It is a formal setting in which you, your lawyer, case judge, and prosecutor meet to:

  • Finalize pleadings and motions with the court
  • Come to a potential plea agreement
  • Receive discoverable evidence used in the trial
  • Determine the case’s ‘trial readiness’

You may be able to settle your case at this point unless your attorney thinks you should take it to trial. If the prosecutor rejects your offer, the case goes undismissed and goes to trial.

Jury or Judge Trial

The final phase of dealing with Scottsdale DUI charges is attending a judge or jury trial. In most cases, your attorney requests a jury trial but can advise you as to which will work best for your situation. Expect the trial process to last for three days.
After opening statements, the prosecutor assigned to your case presents the state’s evidence against you. Evidence may come in the form of property, testimony, witness, and expert. Prosecution ‘rests’ upon the conclusion of presenting their case.
Your legal team then has the opportunity to refute and question the state’s claims in court. Your criminal defense attorney can devise a strong strategy to ensure you have the best fighting chance possible.
Your team rests your case. The jury then deliberates to decide whether there is sufficient evidence beyond a reasonable to convict you.

Hire a DUI Lawyer in Scottsdale, Arizona

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