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What is White Collar Crime in Arizona?

Unlike most other crimes, white collar crimes are often difficult to detect and not as out in the open and blatant as something like armed robbery, for example, which is easy to get caught for and generally much easier for the prosecution to prove in a court of law. However, when it comes to white collar crimes that involve embezzlement, the laundering of money, or extortion, the charges are in most cases not as obvious — but that absolutely does not mean that being charged with white collar crime comes with lesser charges — in fact, the penalties, fines, and other sentencing can be just as severe if not worse in some cases.

White collar crimes involve many different types of charges not only in Arizona, but also on the federal level. Our Arizona based law firm, the Shah Law Firm, has years of experience representing people with these cases. Our white-collar crime attorneys in Phoenix understand how to defend against these charges and to investigate cases thoroughly for our clients. We offer no-cost legal consultations to those interested in learning more about our expertise and services.

White Collar Crime Defined

In the most basic sense, white collar crime is one in which there was no violence used, and the perpetrator of the crime had something financial to gain by committing the crime. Most frequently investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, or the FBI, white collar crime is typically characterized by the concealment of the truth, or through violation of trust through deceit in any number of forms. And, in most instances, the motivation for white collar crime is the financial gain on the part of the perpetrator of the crime.

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AZ fraud attorney

What are the Penalties for Credit Card Fraud in Arizona?

Credit card fraud is a serious offense in the State of Arizona. It is the crime of taking and/or possessing someone’s credit card without his or her consent, or without the consent of the business entity that owns the credit card. Additionally, any person or other entity that accepts any gift that was purchased with a stolen credit card may also be charged and convicted of fraud. Because credit card fraud can mean so many different things legally, it’s important to have an experienced Arizona fraud attorney by your side before, during, and after any court proceedings. At the Shah Law Firm, we have years of experience representing people and business entities facing credit card fraud charges in Phoenix, AZ.

In Arizona, Credit Card Fraud Can be Committed in a Variety of Ways, Including:

  • Skimming credit card numbers online or off
  • Abuse of a credit card in your own name or that of another person in the form of telling the card provider that certain charges were fraudulent when they were not
  • Identity theft by way of credit card or through the use of a credit card and another form of ID, be it Arizona or federal
  • About Credit Card Fraud

Theft charges will depend on the value of the item stolen while using any credit card illegally. Anyone who controls a credit card without the cardholder’s permission, who possesses or controls the credit card as security for a debt, or who sells or transfers a credit card with the intent to defraud is guilty of credit card fraud in the state of Arizona.

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How a Bank Fraud Charges Defense Attorney in Scottsdale Can Help You

It’s not uncommon for unethical bank loan officers to submit false information on applications, as was the case during the housing loan crisis. When the federal government gets involved, it prosecutes everyone involved, including those who were misled into submitting these applications. When this happens in Scottsdale, you need an experienced bank fraud charges defense attorney from Shah Law PLLC to help you. At Shah Law PLLC, we understand how complicated the financial world can be. As such, we’ll put our years of experience to work for you, building you a strong defense.

Understanding Bank Fraud

Bank fraud occurs when money or assets are illegally obtained from any financial institution. This white-collar crime involves using promises that involve deception or those that are unkept, or submitting false information. A person can be charged with bank fraud even if they didn’t know that a) what they did was illegal or b) if they were even involved. Our bank fraud charges defense attorney has experience with criminal fraud cases and can help sort out any misunderstandings involved with your case.

Types of Bank Fraud

There are many types of bank fraud, including forged checks and using the Internet to get deposits. Bank fraud is a serious criminal charge and can lead to penalties of up to 30 years in prison and fines of up to $1,000,000. The Shah Law Firm PLLC of Phoenix, Arizona will fight aggressively to create an effective defense for you.

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