Can You Get Domestic Violence Charges Dropped in Arizona?

Family members fight. Most arguments never escalate beyond bruised egos and sincere apologies. However, situations can get out of control, and angry tempers can flare. You may even find yourself subject to domestic violence charges in Arizona when this happens.

If you are facing wrongful domestic violence charges, speak with a criminal defense lawyer immediately. He or she can defend you while presenting the best case possible in the courtroom. In the face of uncertainty, it can be reassuring to know you have someone aggressively protecting your rights.

How Arizona Laws Define Domestic Violence

Domestic violence refers to offenses committed against household members, such as spouses. However, it is not limited to immediate family members. Arizona courts may consider former dating partners, as well. Arizona classifies types of domestic violence crimes as:

  • Physical and verbal assault
  • Restraining order violations
  • Elder abuse
  • Harassment
  • Sexual or physical battery
  • Murder
  • Kidnapping

As you can see, the associated crimes of domestic violence are serious. Being charged with this crime does not mean you are guilty. Arguments can become heated quickly, and sometimes your accuser is not always completely honest with law enforcement.

A domestic violence lawyer in Arizona may use the following techniques to get your case dismissed:

Lack of Evidence

A defendant can get domestic violence charges dismissed if there is not enough evidence to convict him or her of the crime. If prosecutors cannot prove that you committed a crime beyond a reasonable doubt, the state does not have a case against you. Your attorney can file a motion to dismiss the pending charges against you in this situation.

Uncooperative Witnesses

An uncooperative witness is one who refuses to participate in testifying truthfully about domestic violence allegations in good faith. Sometimes embarrassment, guilt, and fear play a role in the decision-making aspect of the claims against you.

Even if the alleged victim wants to drop the charges, the case will not be dismissed immediately. Instead, the courts process and handle the case even if he or she refuses to testify against you. However, victims who refuse to make statements make it difficult for the state to prove anything against a defendant.

Hire a Domestic Violence Defense Attorney in Phoenix, AZ

Being charged with domestic violence is no joke. If convicted, the outcome of your case could have serious consequences that impact the rest of your life. Once the ball is in motion concerning the charges against you, it is difficult to stop or slow it down.

A criminal defense attorney is the person most suited to offer professional counsel and aggressive representation for those who are facing these types of charges. A criminal defense lawyer can craft a defense strategy to help achieve the best outcome possible.

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