Domestic Violence Charges Defense

Domestic Violence Charges Defense

Are you facing domestic violence charges? Has a protective order been issued against you? If so, let the Shah Law Firm, as represented by Phoenix domestic violence lawyer Arja Shah, helps defend you against any and all charges related to domestic violence.

During most domestic violence incidents, it is quite common to not have any third party witnesses, and with little evidence at that. More often than not, innocent parties are the ones wrongfully slapped domestic violence charges, which could potentially alter their lives forever.

Your freedom is at stake. Whether you’re facing domestic violence Arizona first offense charges or higher, it’s very important for you to secure the services of an experienced and aggressive domestic violence lawyer who has handled numerous domestic violence cases across the valley.

FAQs About Domestic Violence In Arizona

What about self-defense strategies like, “He or she hit me first, so I hit her back”. How do these scenarios play out and who gets arrested and charged?

Usually, the first one who calls the police is the one who gets to be the victim because they get to tell their story first.

In terms of “She hit me first, so I hit her back” or vice versa, it’s a mistake to just think of domestic violence as man against woman because quite often, it’s just the opposite. That certainly would not be a defense because that would be an excuse or a justification to commit the act. That wouldn’t be justification under the law, so that would not be a defense.

Why Choose the Shah Law Firm?

Arja Shah has successfully represented hundreds of people who have been charged with a crime. She has an outstanding track record when it comes to defending everything from misdemeanor DUI to serious felony charges. You deserve an attorney who believes in fighting for your rights inside the courtroom and out. Arja Shah is a skilled and experienced domestic violence attorney Scottsdale and Phoenix residents accused of domestic violence can trust to give them a solid defense in court.

  • Experience With and Knowledge of Specific Judges and Prosecutors is Important
  • Affordable Rates without Sacrificing Quality Defense is Key
  • It’s Not Just Knowing the Law. It’s Also Knowing People and Compassion

In What Court Are Domestic Violence Cases Actually Heard?

As a felony, Domestic Violence cases are heard Superior Courts. If it’s a misdemeanor charge, your Phoenix Domestic Violence Attorney would have to defend you in any one of the misdemeanor courts, which would be in a municipal court.

The location of the alleged incident can be an important distinction on how the case is handled from the prosecution’s standpoint, as it depends on what that prosecutor’s policies are. The City of Phoenix will offer a diversion program for a first offense domestic violence in some circumstances.

In short, where the case will be heard depends on who the arresting officer is, and that can make a difference in the outcome of the case. Also making a difference is whether or not you have the best Phoenix domestic violence attorney by your side–call Arja today.

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